The Head of IRO at Epoka visits the University of Applied Sciences, in Mainz, Germany

May 4th, 2016

Between April 25-29, 2016, the Head of International Relations at Epoka University, Ms. Alba Gërdeci, visited one of our partners, the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz, Germany. 
The aim of the said visit was the participation at the “International Week” organized by the University as well as in several bilateral meetings with their IR Office and representatives from the School of Business and Technology.
The main objective of the “International Week” was to improve the personal contacts between teachers, staff and students of the international academic partners of FH Mainz, among which Epoka, networking and to provide the students in Mainz with information about the university programs of their partners. Together with our exchange student there, Ms. Eglantina Preku (student of Business Administration Department at Epoka), in the context of the “International Study Fair” IRO replied to the questions about Epoka to visitors of the stand.
Our exchange student Eglantina, in general, was very satisfied about the program and the teaching methods in Mainz, which according to her, differ a lot from those at Epoka, in terms of being more practical and teamwork oriented. She felt confident that she would do well at final evaluation as well. She stated that HZ Mainz was a very international school with students coming from many countries of the world like Australia, Canada, US, Mexico and this was the most interesting part of her experience there.
Other events included an “Intercultural Training” opened to all guests, leaded by Dr. Elke Lassahn, Senior Lecturer of Business English. The main focus of the training was how different cultures affect our motivation and behavior at work or elsewhere and how they can be turned into an added value for the organization. Additionally, Ms. Gërdeci participated in the workshop on “Building International Curricula” leaded by Prof. Dr. Andrew Petersen, Course Leader at the International Civil Engineering and at the Cinema Night with students’ films from Mainz and partner universities.
Apart from the participation at the International Week, several bilateral meetings were held with the IR office in Mainz, the main topics of which were the management of the Double Degree Master of Arts in International Business (MA.IB), a programme financed by Erasmus +. In the context of the said agreement, students registered in the MSc and PM of Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Economics will be able to complete their second year at FH Mainz. During their studies there they will be financed by the Erasmus +. The said agreement envisages even the mobility of German professors to Epoka to teach and vice-versa.  
Additionally, with the IR Office in Mainz, ways to increase the number of outgoing and incoming students between the two Universities were explored as well as starting of the mobility of students even with the School of Technology for the Civil Engineering and Architecture programs.
The said mobility of the staff member of IRO at Epoka was financed by Erasmus+ and highly contributed to the strengthening of the already existing cooperation between the two Universities.